Discover How Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and Business Strategy Can Help You And Your Team Achieve The Impossible



Discover How Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and Business Strategy Can Help You And Your Team Achieve

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Unlock The Power of AI and Automation in Your Business

Integrating AI and a relation to your business workflows can lead to increase productivity and profitability. Our AI- focused consulting services provide you with the tools and resources to harness the full potential of these innovative technologies.

Why work with us

Artificial Intelligence is simply a tool, "Accelerated Intelligence" is an outcome which leads to accelerated productivity, revenue, profit and employee satisfaction. We are entrepreneurs and executives who understand and employ technologists but our focus and perspective is on how this tool can serve your life and your business. 

AI Consulting

Get hyper-personalized guidance and strategies for integrating AI into your business workflow. Collapse time and become and expert in hours.

Corporate Workshops

Get comprehensive training on AI, tailored specifically for your team and industry, along with hands-on exercises to ensure practical learning.

Executive Workshops

For owners, C-suite and senior leaders who want to understand the strategic implications of AI. Explore the latest trends and get a roadmap for implementation

Artificial Intelligence Is The Shiny Object You Can't Afford To Ignore...

It's no secret that AI is transforming the work and lives of the entire planet. The technology is evolving faster than anything we've seen in history. The future belongs to those who harness this technology wisely and stay focused on improving outcomes, not just chasing new technology. We keep you and your team focused on exactly that.

Brad Costanzo,
Chief AI Officer

A seasoned entrepreneur, growth strategist and investor, Brad has been described as a "powerful catalyst with who brings innovation, clarity and brilliance to business challenges."

He's been instrumental in using AI and process automation with his own business and with clients to both collapse time and create space for the brilliance of human intelligence to be unleashed on business decisions. 

He believes that AI can be used to solve the biggest problems we face as a society, if we use it right

Brad Costanzo

Sammy Taggett,
AI Advisor and Media Consultant

Sammy is a renown media consultant, producer and entertainer who owns Evolved Podcasting publishing company and has leveraged AI for his clients to help them expand their brands. 

He joined Accelerated Intelligence as an associate AI consultant to bring strategy, education and implementation to our clients and help them embrace this technology to unlock their team's creative superpowers.

They Say

Brad Costanzo is one of the leading authorities on ChatGPT/AI in the United States... I hang on every word he says

Brian tracy, international best selling author/speaker

"I hired Brad and Sammy at Accelerated Intelligence to host a corporate AI workshop to bring my managers up to speed.  I learned a lot personally but my favorite part was watching how excited my team was to learn this and how they'll become so much more productive as a result."

Sara becnel, owner, president sandestin golf & beach resort

"Learning a new technology can be confusing especially one moving as fast as AI. But the work we did with Accelerated Intelligence allowed us to immediately leapfrog from being curious to using it to save time and money. My employees are really excited to be using this in their day-to-day."

Mario nocifera, birdseye hospitality

Even Jack Canfield, author of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series has a few great words to say about our work.

About Accelerated Intelligence

Founded in San Diego, California by Brad Costanzo and associates to help deliver cutting edge consulting and advisory to businesses who need to expand their innovation capabilities of their company and turn their human resources into superhuman resources by expertly leveraging technology in an ethical and efficient manner. We are business-focused and tech-enabled. 


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