Employee Handbook Bot

Sample Questions

  1. What is the company's customer relations philosophy?
  2. What are the three steps of service?
  3. What is the 10-5 rule?
  4. What are the four Ps?
  5. How many points will an employee receive for speeding 1-4 mph over the posted limit?
  6. What is the policy if you need to leave work during your scheduled shift?
  7. How many hours per week on average must an employee work to be considered full-time?
  8. What is the minimum number of hours an employee must work to qualify for health insurance benefits?
  9. How many days does an employee have to provide proof of identity and work authorization after beginning employment?
  10. What is the company's policy regarding workplace threats and violence?
  11. What should an employee do if they feel they are being harassed at work?
  12. How often are employees eligible to receive new uniform pieces?
  13. What is the policy regarding fraternization between employees and guests?
  14. What is the procedure if an employee is injured on the job?
  15. How many weeks of unpaid job-protected leave are eligible employees entitled to take under FMLA?
  16. What safety rules must be followed regarding the use of hazardous materials?
  17. What is the policy if an employee's contact information like address or phone number changes?
  18. What typically occurs during an employee's exit interview?
  19. Who should inquiries regarding reference information be directed to?